The present employees of New York-Presbyterian can get the accessibility of employees’ state and other information in the portal called nyp Infonet. This is exclusive for the employees of New York-Presbyterian as well as to access the significant and comprehensive details related to the news, announcements, phone directory, and employee issues.

One of the integrated health solution providers excelling in their service and meeting out the competitive edge of the country is New York-Presbyterian. They are passionate about the qualitative service and dedication to service excellence in the country of New York. They have associations with various universities and it has a consistent record of wide ground acknowledgement on the leadership in the medical sector. They have four subsidiaries and they are

  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • New York-Presbyterian regional hospital network
  • New York-Presbyterian physician services
  • New York-Presbyterian and community and population health

New York-Presbyterian gives due significance to the employees and they have exclusively created portal for them to get the accessibility on their work-related matters. HR Connect is one of the comprehensive employee services where the employees can get the continuous assistance and the services through various modes. If they have any grievances or clarifications to be answered they can make use of the live chat option, mail to the respective department or they can directly speak. HR connects seems to be available every time and anytime at the employees needs and can get more knowledge related articles in the link.

The organization seems to be concentrating on the knowledge development of employees’ aspects as well they publish and share articles related to health, work-life balance, financial dependency nature, events, and many more. Apart from all these support and assistance still if they have any clarifications or doubts to be sorted out they can directly make use of the web form requisition concept. Once they send the request to the respective department the coordinator of HR connects will sort the request and reply to the respective enquiry. Check

External NYP Login

  • Enter into the website
  • The sign-in box gets opened
  • Provide the username
  • Type your password
  • Click sign in
  • You will be logged in to Infonet nyp

How to login to nyp infonet?

  • Enter into the website
  • You have two options called active employees and terminated participants
  • Click the link under active employees
  • It redirects to the page called New York-Presbyterian oneID
  • Provide your CWID number
  • Type your password
  • Click the option sign-on

NYP Infonet for former employees

The former employees who like to get the access to their welfare or pension statements can make use of the New York-Presbyterian pension plans self-service option

How to Register?

  • Enter into the website
  • Under the terminated participants option-click the link
  • Click the button register
  • Registration page gets opened
  • Provide your email address
  • Type your registration id or the social security number
  • Provide a registration password which is the social security number’s last 4 digits
  • Create a new password
  • Confirm the password by retyping the same
  • Press the button register
  • You will be redirected to the infonet nyp login page

Henceforth you can get the access ability to the nyp infonet site by providing your registered email address and the created password

Sign in

  • Enter into the website
  • Under the terminated participants option-click the link
  • Click the option sign in
  • Provide your email address
  • Type your created password
  • Press the button sign in

Forgot password

  • Click the option forgot your password
  • The screen would take you to the password reset procedure
  • Provide your email address or you can give your registration id
  • Click the option reset
  • Check your mail for the temporary password

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Change password

Changing a password is very much possible and you can do any number of times. There is a password criterion available for creating the New York-Presbyterian retirement self-service plan. The password criteria should have a combination of numbers and letters or can be created separately.

  • Under the terminated participants option-click the link
  • Click the option Change password
  • It will redirect to the password changing procedure
  • Provide your email address
  • Type your existing password
  • Create a new password
  • Retype new password for confirmation
  • Press the option change

How to change email?

  • Under the terminated participants option-click the link
  • Click the option change password
  • Type your present email address for the registration id
  • Next option type your new email address
  • Provide your password
  • Select the option change


What is the procedure to change New York-Presbyterian one ID password?

To change the New York Presbyterian one ID password you have to get access to the password management system.

What happens if oneID confidentiality is breached?

The information related to one ID seems to be very secret and confidential if any unauthorised login takes place of the system is misused IT results in the penalties and dismissal of the accounts.

Can you please help me out to create a password for the retirement self-service pension plan registration?

While registering for the pension plan service you are supposed to follow the instructions accordingly given in the screen. When it comes to password creation it would ask for a registration password. Registration password is your social security number’s last four-digit your date of birth. Otherwise, you can generate a new password from the link called forgot your password. In simple, your birth year and social security numbers digits are your registration password.
Example SSN- 52346948
Year- 1954
Registration password is 69481954

Why is it difficult for me to log into the New York Presbyterian retirement self service plan?

If you are a first time user for getting the site accessibility you have to ensure whether you have registered to get the access. Until you register you will not be provided with the accessibility option and the registration process is very simple where you can follow the screen instruction and follow the same.

If there are any registration issues with retirement service what am I supposed to do?

To get the email address registration support or any clarification related to that, you can directly call to the retirement services support team at 646-697-4727.

Why do I get a message like an invalid password or email address when I try to login to the New York-Presbyterian retirement plan self-service link?

Sometimes you might face an issue of invalid details provided while you try to login. You should check whether you have registered with the link for you have to check the email ID or the password that you have provided is correct. If you feel that you have provided an incorrect email address at the time of login then you have to ensure their respective registered email address for logging in.

At the time of New York-Presbyterian retirement plan service registration I get a message the ID cannot be located. What should I do?

If you encounter such a problem you have to check your registration id. Please remember your email address is not your registration id.

How to submit a New York-Presbyterian employee request?

Enter into the website
In that click employees
Click the option submit a request found on the top right webpage
Enter into the link
The request page gets opened
If you have login details can directly login to get the best assistance
Or choose the dropdown list under the option “please choose your request topic below”

What should the retirees and employees have to do if they are on leave?

They have to enter into the respective website and provide a request under the “submit a request” platform.

If the New York-Presbyterian retirement employees have any queries, what are they supposed to do?

New York-Presbyterian retirement service team definitely maintains perfect information related to the pension plan and what kind of welfare they are entitled to. Frequent programs, workshops related to the retirement planning will also be conducted from the organization site which means they are also given equal importance to the active employees. For any kind of beneficiaries, retirements or to know about the payment, insurance claims they can directly talk to the specialist at 212-297-5771 or they can send their request or queries in email to [email protected]